What does a Graphic Designer Work for – Love or Money?

Key Chung


source: graphicdesignblog

Design For Money or Love

someone who works for MONEY

1. Focus on profit and loss

2. Dedication according to money

3. Money passion

someone who works for love

1. Focus on creativity

2. Value their design

3. Design passion

As a graphic design student, I face the moment to choose – the grade or my style?
When I meet a professor who has very different style, I usually go forward with my own style. Even though I know he or she’s not going to love this, but I just go with my style. It sometimes results in lower grade but I’m still fine with that. However, it is still going to be okay after graduate? What if I meet a client who asks for me something that I don’t want to? But they for me a lot of money? Am I still going to insist my style?

So let me ask you: do you work for LOVE or MONEY?


Primary Design Lens: communication design

Link: http://www.graphicdesignblog.org/design-for-money-or-love/

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